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Vertex Trackers

Silicon Vertex Tracker Barrel


Silicon vertex tracker barrel with soi and usfd detectors and a simple stave.

Particle Identification (PID)


<detector id="1" name="ForwardRICH" type="GenericRICH"
          readout="ForwardRICHHits" vis="RedVis" material="N2cherenkov">
  <dimensions rmin1="30*cm" rmin2="30*cm" rmax1="80*cm" rmax2="80*cm" zmin="20*cm"  zmax="120*cm"/>

Optical surfaces are defined in the detector construction. Their optical properites of surfaces are defined in the detector description:

  <opticalsurface finish="polished" model="glisur" name="MirrorOpticalSurface" type="dielectric_metal" value="0">
    <property name="REFLECTIVITY" ref="REFLECTIVITY_mirror"/>
    <property name="RINDEX"       coldim="2" values="1.034*eV  1.5   4.136*eV  1.5"/>